2018: Division 4

1Jeff KingOxonian CC145264P26:201:14:02
2Oliver ThorntonOxonian CC124227P26:22 
3David HansonOxonian CC87172 26:481:10:22
 Vere OldridgeFairly United CT7 97P26:211:16:29
 Jo DucklesOxonian CC5182 37:051:40:30
4Colin FisherOxonian CC1473 45:37 
 Myles JohnstonOxonian CC3162 26:57 
 Harriet EnglishOxonian CC1255   
 Ann WarrenOxonian CC3 45P26:15 
 Carrie PhelanOxonian CC2145 29:161:16:37
 Zoe PrestonOxonian CC3 39 29:22 
 Joseph ShourbajiOxonian CC2 23 28:51 
 John JenkinsOxonian CC2 22 28:42 
 Dana VilistereOxonian CC 120   
 Ingrid AnsonOxonian CC 220   
 Richard AxtellOxonian CC1115 29:22 
 Peter WhitfieldOxonian CC1114   
 Hannah BanfieldOxonian CC1 13   
 Clare HewittOxonian CC      
 Darren DrysdaleOxonian CC      
 Dave BrooksOxonian CC      
 Dave DyerOxonian 2nd Claim      
 Ed GronbechOxford City RC      
 Hannah GundryOxonian CC      
 Jeanette CardyOxonian CC      
 John EdwardsOxonian CC      
 John EllisOxonian CC      
 John TallonOxford City RC      
 Jon WestwoodOxonian CC      
 Kieran RoseOxonian CC      
 Kym McConnellOxonian CC      
 Leigh BlackfordOxonian CC      
 Mark KentOxford City RC      
 Mike StreuleOxonian CC      
 Richard WhiteOxonian CC      
 Robin AkersOxonian CC      
 Trevor FrisbyOxonian CC      
 William DixFairly United CT      

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 26:30
Season completed - riders with less than 3 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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