2018: Division 2

1Joe GraystoneOxonian 2nd Claim143257P22:311:01:10
2Paul AlldayFairly United CT143231S23:06 
3Ian RadburnOxonian CC163229R24:401:04:23
4James HuntOxonian CC103185S24:27 
5Andrew BennettFairly United CT84162S23:35 
6Steve ParfittOxonian CC2390S23:54 
7Chris GreenOxonian CC4383R24:48 
7Kevin CaldicottMidOxon CRT2383S24:16 
7Patrick SmithOxonian CC21183R25:49 
 Aimee JonesOxonian 2nd Claim6 78S23:441:00:47
 James LloydOxonian CC3164S23:54 
 Chris EdgingtonFairly United CT3263P22:54 
10Howard WallerOCRC 2nd Claim 660R  
 Paul RenshawOxonian 2nd Claim4 60R 58:29
10Phil StrongmanOxonian CC 660R  
 Kieran RoebuckOxonian 2nd Claim4 53S24:15 
 Dom SpaldingOxonian 2nd Claim3 45S24:04 
 Gavin MorganOxonian CC3 43R25:301:02:27
 Ian CartwrightOxonian CC4 43R25:26 
 Olly GouldOxonian 2nd Claim2 25R  
 Mike LogueFairly United CT1115P22:28 
 Paul GrangerFairly United CT1 15P22:56 
 David ReddyOxonian CC1 14S23:26 
 John FrenchOxford City RC   R  
 Natasha ReddyOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Rob YatemanFairly United CT   R  
 Tim WillmerOxonian CC   R  

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 23:00 Safe for next season: under 24:30
Season completed - riders with less than 3 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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