Introduction to the Oxonian Cycling Club

The Oxonian Cycling Club founded in 1927 , is open to all.

We have approximately 180 members who include a wide range of ages, abilities and types of cyclist.

We are principally a road cycling club, organised around weekend club runs, weekly time trialing and winter cyclo-cross. Many members also participate in road racing, sportive events , long distance audax and touring. Other members ride off-road, or attend sessions at local tracks. This range of activities usually enables people to find someone, or a group within our club, who share their particular interests.

Our ‘club runs’ are led by experienced members, using the quieter country lanes around the county and incorporating a cafe stop along the route. The distance is normally around 50 miles, with a pace dictated by the group’s ability, so that no one gets dropped or left behind. Just turn up and introduce yourself, or if you are uncertain about whether the ride would be suitable for you, ‘contact us’ to find out more first. See ‘diary’ for details of our Saturday and Sunday rides.


The Oxonian Cycling Club  run a time trial league,  holding weekly time trial events from April through to September. See ‘time trial race calendar’ for details.

We encourage young people to get involved and enjoy cycling for fitness and competitive racing, and have a British Cycling ‘Go-Ride’ programme to help us promote this aim.

During the racing season we hold a fortnightly “chain gang” session followed by a social evening. During the winter months we hold weekly (coached) circuit and turbo sessions, as well as continuing our weekly club runs.

Club History

Formed 7th March 1927, initially to concentrate on track racing although as time progressed this co-existed with time trialling mainly at the longer distances of 50, 100 miles, and 12 and 24 hour events, riding fixed wheel bikes.

As time progressed club runs became the core of the club and by the 1950s membership had risen to around 70. Throughout the period 1950 to 1975 there were ground breaking performances in time trials. Barry Thornton and Mick Bowen (current President) broke record after record in time trials. Granville Olive and Dick McTaggart finished 2nd and 4th respectively in the 1974 National 24 hour championship. The club’s status was acknowledged when it had the honour of promoting the National 25 mile time trial on the Kidlington-Bicester road in both 1956 and 1964.

Whilst the 25 was the most popular time trial, tremendous importance was attached to the longer distances. The 50 mile event has retained its status with Mick Bowen being the first to break the two hour barrier in 1960 with a time of 1 hour 58 minutes and 40 seconds, a record that stood for 27 years. Mat Rowley brought the record into the modern era last year with a time of 1 hour 46 minutes and 8 seconds. But 50 miles was no limit to club riders, with Nick Oakley setting a 12 hour record of 270 miles in1982, and Granville Olive a 24 hour record of 464 miles in 1975.

The 1980s saw intense competition between Wendy Millatt and Fiona Davidson and the records they set at all distances up to 12 hours (Wendy 230 miles in 1987) still stand today.

Geoff Booker and the late Steve Hawkes set records on three wheels which are still current.

Malcolm Rose continues to set records in the modern era with a stunning 10 miles time of 19 minutes and 20 seconds set last year.

However, it is not all about time trialling. Although not so strong on the competitive side the club promotes an annual road race which last year attracted some 80 competitors across all categories. The annual cyclo-cross promotion held last November attracted over 400 competitors on the day with strong performances from Oxonian riders, and across all age ranges from six year olds to those in their sixties.

Weekly club runs take place every Saturday and Sunday, as well as midweek café/social rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See section on Club Runs.

The Club's Trophies

Open “10”
Subscribed for by members, friends and work colleagues in 1980 in memory of a popular and valued Club member. Awarded annually to the winner of the Open 10 Time Trial.

Open “25”
Subscribed for Club members in 1945 in memory of Freddie Green and other members who laid down their lives in the War.

Open “50”
This trophy was presented to the Club in 1952 by the Ravens CC when they amalgamated with the Oxonian CC, for our first Open “50” in that Jubilee year, and thereafter annually.
In 1957 R. Jowers broke the Competition Record in this event.

Inter-Club “25”
Presented by the Swift Cycling Club in 1951 to commemorate the annual exchange visit between Oxford and Leiden cyclists. It is competed for annually by the Oxonian CC, Oxford City RC and the Banbury Star CC, in a special inter-club “25”, the best team of four on handicap to count.

Club “25” Champion
Presented by Messrs Broadribb Ltd in 1948 for annual competition in the Club 25 mile scratch championship time trial.

Junior “25” Champion
Subscribed for by members of the Club in memory of Lewis Field (founder-member and ex-President) in 1959 for the fastest Junior in the Club scratch race as above.

Handicap Club “25”
Competed for every year except one (owing to adverse weather conditions) since its presentation in 1928 by T.C. Bayliss, trader and Vice-President. Awarded to the fastest rider on handicap in the Club 25 mile handicap time trial.

50 miles Club T.T.
“Freddie” Falck (member 1934-1985, Hon. Life Member 1950-1985, President 1954-1985) presented this handsome oak shield in 1948 and it is awarded to the fastest rider in the Club 50 mile time trial.

Handicap Club “100”
Presented by the Leicester Rubber Co. Ltd., in 1928. For the first ten years it was competed for in a 50 mile Relay.

Handicap Club 12 hour
W. Falck, father of ex-President “Freddie” Falck, presented this cup in 1935 for annual competition.

Messrs. Rowell & Son kindly donated this cup in 1952, since which time it has been presented to the winner of the annual attempt on the Cheltenham and back record.

Donated in 1989 by Giles Cycles, Carterton, Oxon, for annual competition in the Oxford to Henley and back record attempt. Owing to traffic lights the course was made approximately four miles shorter in 1998.

Club “Hilly” Champion
Purchased in 1998 by his family and cycling friends, to commemorate 65 years of loyal membership and service in the Club from December 1931 to January 1997. Changed in 1999 from a Points Competition to an award for the rider with the fastest aggregate time in the two annual Brill Hilly Club events.

Hill Climb Trophy
Originally won by K.B. May in a roller contest in 1937 and presented to the Club in 1950. Awarded to the fastest rider in the Club hill climb.

Evening “10” points
In 1951 the Executive Committee of the Bicester August Monday Carnival and Sports Meeting presented the Club with this cup, to be competed for in the five mile Grass Track Championship. Changed in 1980 to Points Award; calculated on the number of Oxonian riders, i.e. 18 riders, fastest rider 18 points, down to slowest rider 1 point – a rider’s best eight rides in the evening 10 mile events to count.

Points – 5 events
This handsome cup was originally presented to the Oxford Wheelers CC in 1908 by Sir Walter Gray (4 times Mayor of Oxford), for competition in a 50 mile road race. In 1927 it was given to the D.V.F.B., and in 1990 member Harry Haythornthwaite arranged its ransfer to our Club. Now awarded to the member gaining the highest number of points (20 for first place down to one for 20th place) in one each of two “10”s, two “25”s, one “hilly” or hill climb, and 2 cyclo-crosses – to be nominated each year by the Committee.

Senior B.A.R.(50 and 100 miles and 12 hours)
A fine shield of oak and silver presented by J.R. Chaundy in in 1959 in memory of his nephew F/O G.R.P. Chaundy, DFM, killed in flying operations in 1945.

Veteran B.A.R.(25, 50 100 miles & 12 hours)
The Club’s first trophy, presented by the Saxon Engineering Co. Ltd. in 1927. Originally for the two mile Grass Track Handicap; then for the Club Grass Track Individual Pursuit.

Short Distance B.A.R.(10, 25 and 50 miles)
Given in 1930, by L. Burden and M. Stone, two active members of our Club. Awarded to the winner of the annual Oxford/London/Oxford record attempt up to 1968, then awarded for the annual Winchester and Back record attempt. Adopted in 1999 as an award for an annual Short Distance B.A.R. Competition. From 2005 three events at each distance to be chosen by the committee before the TT season.

Women’s B.A.R.
Awarded for the women’s annual B.A.R. Competition over 10, 25 and 50 miles.

Open Events
Donated by Mick Bowen in memory of Steve Hawkes, an active member of the Club for 35 years. Awarded to the rider who completes the highest number of Open events during the year. (1st November – 31st October) In the event of two or more riders riding the same number of Opens, the rider with the highest total mileage will receive the award.

On Merit
Donated to the Club by Cis Morris in 1995, originally awarded to the winner of a women’s ‘Home Trainer’ contest at an Oxford Ideal Home Exhibition in the mid-thirties, and now awarded for the most meritorious achievement each year by an Oxonian CC woman member – to be decided by the Committee.

Two “10”s – mph
Presented in 1985 by the widow of ex-member Dick Veary, a prominent rider in the pre- and post-war years. Awarded annually to the juvenile with the best average mph in two 10s.

Presented in 1985 by Mrs. Veary and awarded annually to the member with the highest number of licence points during theseason. If no member qualifies the trophy will be awarded to the highest-placed member in the Division Senior, Junior or Juvenile Road Race Championship

Club Support Award
Donated in 1971 by founder-member Gilbert Fitchett, this trophy has been selected for annual award in the Club Support Scheme

Presented in 2001 by the Walker family in memory of Geoff Walker, a dedicated member for 55 years and the originator of the Oxonian cyclo-cross promotions. Awarded to the fastest Oxonian member in a cyclo cross event nominated by the committee.

Awarded to the senior rider with the most points in the cyclo cross league.

Presented in 1983 to Oxonian CC by Farnham RC in recognition of 3 consecutive team wins in their annual Open 25 mile Time Trial.

Competed for by veterans on a point basis as for seniors.

Donated in 1992 by Bill and Cis Morris for annual competition by Junior members on a points basis, as for the Seniors.

Purchased by the Club in 1994 to be competed for by Youth members (U14s and U16s) on a points basis, as for seniors.

This attractive trophy was donated in 1993 by Tony Wirdnam – to be held for one year by the Under-12 member who gains the most points in the Club’s Cyclo-Cross promotions.

Awarded to the rider who completes the greater number of rides and gains the highest number of points in Sportive and Audax events

Oxonian Cycling Club Constitution

1. The Club shall be called the OXONIAN CYCLING CLUB (hereinafter termed ‘the Club’). The objective of the Club shall be to provide the facilities and support to allow any member of the public to participate in the sport of amateur cycling. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone irrespective of age, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs. Club colours shall be yellow, red, dark blue, and light blue. The Club strip should be worn at all Open events.

2. Applications for membership, on official forms, should be sent to the Membership Secretary, together with the appropriate subscription. The Club Committee may refuse membership or remove it only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or Sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the committee. On acceptance each new member shall be notified of the fact and issued with proof of membership.

Social membership (see 3c, below) will only be granted at the discretion of the committee and must be reapplied for in January each year (except as in 3(b) below). Full members having resigned membership may apply for reinstatement as social members by the procedure stated above.

3.  The Annual Subscription shall be: – Family*

a) Seniors/Veterans – £12

Juniors (16/18) – Free – Free

Juveniles (under 16) – Free – Free

* For family rate one membership must be at full Senior Rate

Social member – £12

Students whose 1st claim Club is Oxford University CC or Brookes University CC  – £5

Renewal of subscriptions to maintain membership becomes due and payable on 1st January each year. Renewal after 1st March constitutes a break in membership and will be treated as a new application.

b) Election after the 30th September covers membership to 31st December of the following year.

c) Social membership category is designed to enable those who wish to join Oxonian social events and club rides. Social members may upgrade to full membership at any time during the year, informing the committee by letter that they have resigned their previous club’s 1st claim status, and paying the difference in fees, if any, between full and social membership rates. Social members are not entitled to:

·         enter club races, events or coaching sessions

·         represent Oxonian CC in Open events

·         score points in club races, establish club records, or win club awards or trophies

·         become a committee member or vote at the club’s AGM

d) Members who have served the Club long and meritoriously may be granted Honorary Life Membership, at any Annual General Meeting of the Club. A Certificate to this effect shall be presented to the members.

e) Applications for Life Membership at a rate of five times the Senior annual subscription may be made by members after 10 years’ consecutive membership.

4. The income and property of the Club shall be used solely to achieve the objective of the Club and shall not be paid or transferred to any member of the Club by way of bonus, dividend or profit.

5. There shall be an Annual General Meeting in November each year the agenda for which shall be distributed to members at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Only those propositions appearing on the agenda may be voted on, except at the discretion of the Chairman. Nominations for official positions should be submitted to the General Secretary for inclusion on the agenda.

6. The affairs of the Club and all matters of business shall be managed by a Committee comprising Chairman, officers and members, all of whom shall be elected at the AGM. Five to form a quorum at any Committee meeting.

7. Only full members shall be elected to hold office in any official capacity in the Club.

8. At the AGM an Auditor shall be elected to audit the accounts for the current year.

9. The Committee shall meet once a month or more often if necessary for the transaction of Club business. In the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have the casting vote. Any member being absent from three consecutive monthly meetings may cease to be a member at the Committee’s discretion. The Committee may elect another member to fill the vacancy.

10. A General Meeting of members may be called at any time by the Committee or at the request of any twelve members of the Club given in writing to the General Secretary. Such a meeting shall be announced by 10 days’ notice given by the General Secretary to every member of the Club.

11. Complaints and suggestions should be made in writing to the General Secretary who shall lay same before the Committee at the next meeting.

12. Club property must be returned to the General Secretary immediately on termination of membership.

13. All questions as to the interpretation of Constitution and matters not provided for in the Constitution shall be left to the discretion of the Committee.

14. No alteration of Constitution may be made except at a General Meeting.

15. Upon dissolution of the Club any property or any other assets remaining after payment of debts and liabilities shall be distributed amongst the Governing Bodies to which the Club is affiliated. The assets shall not be distributed among its members.


Affiliated to:
British Cycling.
Cycling Time Trials Limited
Oxfordshire Road Race League
Wessex Cyclo-Cross League

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