Club Racing League

Starting from the 2020 season the club will be including a competition for road bike rides in our Time Trial events. The purpose is to encourage new riders to our events and to give some competition to cyclists who don’t own a specialist TT machine.

Roadbike points will be awarded in each event that forms part of the existing Time Trial League, i.e. club events and club promoted open events. All riders who are members of the TT league clubs can qualify for the roadbike competition. Roadbike points are in addition to the normal division points that all league riders are awarded.

The rules for to qualify for road bike rides are based on those used by Aerocoach for their national roadbike event series:

  1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions can be used.
  2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times whilst racing (ie. not with forearms resting on the handlebar).
  3. Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each, and have a maximum rim depth of 90mm.
  4. Helmets must have no visor.
  5. Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmets are not permitted).

The rules are to allow fair competition on “normal” road bikes. Any machine or clothing modifications that are judged to be against the spirit of the rules may be disqualified.

Skin suits are allowed.

The roadbike league will operate in the same way as the TT leagues, ie 15 points for the fastest, followed by 14,13 points etc. For the first year at least there will be a single roadbike league for all abilities. At the end of the season the club committee will award prizes to the  Male and Female rider with the most roadbike points. Depending on the number of participants there may also be prizes for the best junior M/F riders.

Please help the organisers by indicating on the sign-on sheets if you are entering as a roadbike rider. And at the end of the event please make sure your time is marked as a roadbike ride on the result sheet.

Also, all riders please note the new CTT regulation that a rear light is compulsory for all events. Previously it was only necessary for evening events.

1 May7:15pmBurford/Lechlade 10
Club Time Trial
8 May7:15pmChesterton 10
Club Time Trial
15 May7:30pmBurford/Lechlade 10
Club Time Trial
22 May7:30pmBurford/Lechlade 10
Club Time Trial
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