Club Rides

The Oxonian Cycling Club hold regular club runs on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year

Club Runs and Covid 19 - an update

We have decided against restarting club runs for the time being, notwithstanding advice from British Cycling that club runs of up to 6 riders can now resume.  We consider the potential risk from inhaling respiratory droplets while drafting behind other riders for the sustained period involved in a club run to be too great. At the time of writing we have not been able to find any evidence to confirm or refute potential risk from droplets and British Cycling have not yet been able to answer this concern either. In addition, current levels of new infection and covid deaths in England are not decreasing as swiftly as hoped, and any negative impact of recent easing of lockdown will only become evident during the next few weeks. All in all therefore we think it prudent to delay restarting club runs. We will look at what data is available again over the next few weeks, and update accordingly.  Meanwhile we hope you are enjoying riding in these strange times, and keeping safe.
Oxonian committee, 7th July 2020
Saturday Rides

We provide a range of weekend and midweek club rides.

We have a Saturday ride that commences from the square in front of the Red Lion Pub in Eynsham at 9.15am throughout the year. These are led by experienced club members and cover distances of up to 60 miles with a coffee stop at various tried and tested cyclist friendly venues. Typically these will be split into three ability groups depending upon who turns up on the day, with distances and speed adjusted accordingly. So we have a steady group, an intermediate group and the occasional fast group (usually the riders who are into serious training for various competitive events). Details of these are published on our Facebook page on Friday evenings stating the destination and who is leading. You can also contact: or

Sunday Rides

Our Sunday ride starts from outside the Beeline Bike shop on Cowley Road in Oxford.  The ride starts at 9am, and distance is usually about 60 miles at a pace of 16-19 mph (depending on the route and season) with a coffee / tea stop and home to Oxford for around 1.00 to 1.30pm.  The ride runs most weeks, but you may like to email  David Haydon to check.

Weekday Rides

Midweek rides on Tuesday and Thursday mornings tend to be more ad hoc affairs, but again details are published on Facebook the evening before, usually taking in the venue as published in the Oxfordshire Cyclist.

These are very social rides and the meeting point and coffee stop are published the evening beforehand on the Club Facebook page


You agree to take part in the club’s activities entirely at your own risk and without any liability whatever on the part of Oxonian Cycling Club, its’ officials or members, in respect of loss, injury or damage suffered, however caused.

Please introduce yourself to the ride leader before setting off.

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