2017: Division 2

1James HuntOxonian CC204275S23:151:04:00
2Ben WalkerFairly United CT133246P22:121:01:42
3Paul AlldayFairly United CT133235S23:031:04:22
4Martin PriorOxonian CC124229P22:52 
 Olly GouldOxonian CC152222S24:041:06:21
5Phil StrongmanOxonian CC123195S24:191:07:29
 Steve ParfittOxonian CC82157S23:201:01:31
6Chris GreenOxonian CC123152S24:231:07:45
 Matthew ThorntonOxonian CC62127P22:46 
 John FrenchOxford City RC3 40S24:191:02:30
 Jon WhitearOxford City RC2 24R24:55 
 Rob YatemanFairly United CT1 15S23:30 
 Tom YeatmanFairly United CT1 15P21:29 
 Robin AkersOxonian CC1112R  
 Gavin MorganOxonian CC   R  
 Mike LogueFairly United CT   R  
 Steve QuinnOxonian CC   R  

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 23:00 Safe for next season: under 24:30
Season completed - riders with less than 3 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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