2017: Division 4

1Colin FisherOxonian CC164263 36:16 
2Tracy MakinOxonian CC143260P25:421:09:35
3Richard AxtellOxonian CC113181 26:431:12:33
4Kieran RoseOxonian CC93172 34:14 
5Hannah GundryOxonian CC83163 27:02 
6John EllisOxonian CC65141 26:56 
7Harriet EnglishOxonian CC3459   
 Clare HewittOxonian CC2147   
 Ingrid AnsonOxonian CC1231 30:36 
 Steve GibbonsOxonian CC2 30P26:26 
 Carrie PhelanOxonian CC2 29 29:591:13:57
 John JenkinsOxonian CC2127 28:55 
 Darren DrysdaleOxonian CC1 15  1:00:48
 James PoxonOxonian CC1 15P25:37 
 John TallonOxford City RC1 15  1:21:23
 William DixFairly United CT1 14 29:04 
 Peter WhitfieldOxonian CC1113   
 John EdwardsOxonian CC1 12 38:31 
 David JonesOxonian CC 1    
 Keith WilliamsOxford City RC      
 Martin HowardOxonian CC 2    
 Rob SchofieldOxonian CC      

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 26:30
Season completed - riders with less than 3 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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