2016: Division 4

1Steve LeggeOxonian CC123220P25:161:11:14
2Bernard CalnanOxonian CC122210P25:40 
3Colin FisherOxonian CC123189 34:53 
4John JenkinsOxonian CC74134 26:581:11:14
5John EdwardsOxonian CC53107 33:131:30:33
6Ingrid AnsonOxonian CC4291 29:12 
 Richard AxtellOxonian CC5191 27:161:13:27
 William DixFairly United CT5190 26:35 
7Kieran RoseOxonian CC3255 33:49 
 Dave BrooksOxonian CC2148P25:48 
8Peter WhitfieldOxonian CC 240   
 Martin HowardOxonian CC1132 32:36 
 John TallonOxford City RC2 26 29:201:12:39
 Andy MurrayOxonian CC 120   
9Hannah GundryOxonian CC1215 32:15 
 Keith WilliamsOxford City RC1 12 31:44 
 Steve GibbonsOxonian CC1 12 30:12 
 Bob ForsterOxonian CC      
 Dennis McSweeneyOxonian CC 1    
 George PolicelliOxonian CC      
 Laura EdmonsonOxonian CC      
 Pete GronbechOxford City RC      
 Stuart HathawayOxonian CC      

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 26:30
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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