2014: Division 4

1Phil StrongmanOxonian CC163255P26:341:11:11
2Aimee JonesOxonian CC132235P24:191:06:06
3Anna WoodcockOxonian CC112187P26:57 
4Ingrid AnsonOxonian CC92148 28:02 
5Andy MurrayOxonian CC52103 29:40 
 John EdwardsOxonian CC8 84 30:131:28:05
6Keith WilliamsOxford City RC3280 27:49 
 Philip FowlerOxonian CC4178P25:191:13:07
 Ben HuntFairly United CT5 71P25:32 
 Hannah GundryOxonian CC6 63 30:08 
7Bob ForsterOxonian CC2459 29:39 
 Tyler SalterOxonian CC4 57P25:561:05:52
 Laura EdmonsonOxonian CC5 53 31:47 
 Chris KezywiecOxonian CC3 42P26:10 
8Colin FisherOxonian CC 240   
8Dean HillOxonian CC 440   
 Tim OsmanOxonian CC2 26 28:01 
 Becky HodgsonOxonian CC2 19 33:19 
 Sarah KershallOxford City RC1 14   
 Chris RoebuckOxonian CC1 12 28:23 
 Matthew ThorntonOxonian CC1 12 31:03 
 Chris YoungOxonian CC1 11 31:18 
 Bev CampionOxonian CC      
 Harry MundayOxonian CC      
 Mike ShipwayOxonian CC      
 Neil LewisOxonian CC      
 Pete GronbechOxford City RC      

Promoted next season: under 27:30
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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