2014: Division 3

1Paul NichollsOxonian CC242367P23:251:02:43
2Olly GouldOxonian CC222330P23:421:03:42
3Chris GreenOxonian CC172255P23:471:05:07
4Jem LineOxonian CC172230P24:261:05:26
 Pete SaundersOxonian CC161207P24:211:06:28
5Jeff KingOxonian CC222194S25:541:12:49
6Julian HuntOxonian CC92174P23:02 
7David HansonOxonian CC122165S25:171:10:31
8Bernard CalnanOxonian CC162157S25:371:09:50
9John JenkinsOxford City RC112126S25:491:09:46
 Claire VallanceMidOxon CRT81112P24:25 
10Richard AxtellOxonian CC92105S26:181:12:37
 Lydia DantOxonian CC6195S25:581:05:28
11Wendy GundryOxonian CC7285S26:42 
12Chris JonesOxonian CC4279R28:031:09:29
 Ed GronbechOxford City RC5 64S26:14 
 Tom WebbOxonian CC5 63P23:32 
 James PoxonOxonian CC3143S26:13 
13Dennis McSweeneyOxonian CC 240R  
 Dave SommerladOxonian CC1129S26:09 
 Tiff PickfordOxonian CC3 28S25:10 
 Greg FitzekOxonian CC2 26P24:06 
 Steve LeggeOxford City RC3 23S25:04 
 Dave BrooksOxonian CC 120R  
 Stuart HathawayOxonian CC1 14R  
 Ross KentOxonian CC1 9P24:46 
 Ben CampionOxonian CC   R  
 Brodie GardiasOxford City RC   R  
 Geoff BookerOxonian CC   R  
 Stefan CottrellOxonian CC   R  

Promoted next season: under 25:00 Safe for next season: under 27:30
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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