2017: Division 1

1Malcolm RoseOxonian CC224296S20:4355:23
2Pete OliverFairly United CT154264S21:43 
3Andy WattMidOxon CRT153222S22:231:00:54
4Matthew RobsonOxonian CC124211S21:1457:42
 Ewan MacdonaldOxonian CC142201S22:0159:47
5Philip FowlerOxonian CC103140S22:221:01:43
6Kevin CaldicottMidOxon CRT83132R23:33 
 Neil JohnsonFairly United CT82128S22:14 
 Graham WinstoneOxford City RC82118S22:511:01:55
7Simon DrewettFairly United CT74107S22:291:02:07
 Eamonn DeeleyFairly United CT52106S21:17 
 Matt AlderFairly United CT5193S20:42 
 Paul WarrenOxonian CC5287S22:26 
 Chris EdgingtonFairly United CT4283R23:43 
 Mark CoxFairly United CT4180S19:49 
 Matt RowleyOxonian CC3277S21:50 
 Dan BlakeOxonian CC3 41S21:05 
 Paul GrangerFairly United CT2 24R23:08 
 Gavin TillsonOxonian CC 120R  
 Rich HarrisonOCRC 2nd Claim1 15S20:36 

Maximum scoring events: 16
Safe for next season: under 23:00
Season completed - riders with less than 3 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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