2023: Division 2

1Matthew RobsonOxonian CC133229S24:191:05:46
 Mike LloydOxonian CC81134S23:481:03:36
 Andy SmallwoodOxonian CC6 87S24:20 
 Sam StapletonOxonian CC3 45S23:40 
2Paul WarrenOxonian CC 340R  
 John HarveyOxonian CC2 30S23:17 
 Ben WalkerZero BC1 14S23:39 
 David ReddyOxonian CC   R  
 James LloydOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Richard YoungOxonian 2nd Claim   R  

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 23:00 Safe for next season: under 24:30
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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