2023: Road Bike League

1Matthew RobsonOxonian CC133230
2Zara HannounOxonian CC102176
3Sally ThompsonOxonian CC103172
4Paul ThorntonOxonian CC3279
 Kevin PearceOxonian CC4174
5Jonathan GarrowOxonian 2nd Claim2370
6Alex DongerOxonian CC1255
7James HuntOxonian CC1254
8Jeff KingOxonian CC1252
 Anton BlackieOxonian 2nd Claim2147
 Sam StapletonOxonian CC3 44
 David HollandOxonian 2nd Claim1 15
 George WestallOxonian 2nd Claim1 15
 Jed SmithsonOxonian 2nd Claim1 15
 Krystina ReynoldsOxonian CC1 15
 Pete OliverZero BC1 15
 Thurstan BannisterOxonian CC1 14
 Tracy MakinOxonian CC1 13
 Peter WhitfieldZero BC1 12

Maximum scoring events: 16

Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.
Road Bike rules

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