Southmoor 50 on Sunday 04 June 2023

PosNameClubTimeRBDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Dan Blake [history]Zero BC1:50:30  15   
2Alex Donger [history]Oxonian CC1:56:23 14   
3Russell Kingston [history]Oxonian CC2:04:51 13   
4James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC2:05:45  12   
5Ann Warren [history]Oxonian CC2:07:09 11   
6Matthew Robson [history]Oxonian CC2:10:33 RB 15 15  
7Emma McDermott [history]Oxonian CC2:28:35   15 
MBernard Calnan [history]Oxonian CC     20
MPhil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC    20 
MJonathan Garrow [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim RB 2020   
MJeff King [history]Oxonian CC RB 20   20

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