2022: Division 4

1Bernard CalnanOxonian CC12 165 27:381:11:59
2Sally ThompsonOxonian CC72143 27:50 
3Jon WestwoodOxonian CC4291 30:15 
4Jeff KingOxonian CC3381 29:34 
5Alex TaylorOxonian 2nd Claim4178 27:58 
6Richard AxtellOxonian CC3162 27:42 
7David GirlingOxonian CC 340   
7David HansonOxonian CC 240   
7Tracy MakinOxonian CC 240   
10Gary BatemanOxonian CC 120   
11Dana VilistereOxonian 2nd Claim1 15   
12Rob SurianoOxonian CC1 14   
13Adrian SaveryOxonian CC      
13David FitzgibbonsOxonian CC      
13Liam ChampkinOxonian CC      
13Mary Foord-WestonOxonian 2nd Claim      
13Peter WhitfieldOxonian CC      
13Sam UptonOxonian CC      
13Thurstan BannisterOxonian CC      

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 26:30
2 marshalling duties are required for a final league position.

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