2021: Division 1

1Paul WarrenOxonian CC1252 24:39 
2Tony TurnerOxonian 2nd Claim3 45S20:44 
3Graham WinstoneZero BC2144S22:05 
4Richard YoungOxonian 2nd Claim2138 23:18 
5Mark TyrrellOxonian CC3 37S22:30 
6Matthew RobsonOxonian CC3 26 24:04 
7Russell KingstonOxonian CC2 25S22:26 
8Malcolm RoseOxonian 2nd Claim2 23 23:13 
9Pete OliverZero BC2 18 23:53 
10David HollandOxonian 2nd Claim1 14S21:19 
11Dan BlakeZero BC1 13S21:29 
11Ewan MacdonaldOxonian CC2 13 25:12 
13Oliver AshleyOxonian 2nd Claim1 11S22:47 
14Alex BradleyOxonian 2nd Claim      
14Andrew PollardOxonian 2nd Claim      
14David ReddyOxonian CC      
14Gareth SimpsonOxonian 2nd Claim      
14Jock McOristOxonian 2nd Claim      
14Joe GraystoneOxonian 2nd Claim      
14Mark JonesOCRC 2nd Claim      
14Matt AlderZero BC      
14Matt RowleyOxonian CC      
14Rich HarrisonOCRC 2nd Claim      
14Tom YeatmanOxonian CC      

Maximum scoring events: 16
Safe for next season: under 23:00

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