2021: Division 1

1Graham WinstoneZero BC193267S20:3354:37
2Mark TyrrellOxonian CC142218S21:0557:49
 Malcolm RoseOxonian 2nd Claim19 206S20:5156:08
3Richard YoungOxonian 2nd Claim132167S22:1459:18
4Paul WarrenOxonian CC116152S22:02 
5Alex DongerOxonian CC84147S20:30 
 Tony TurnerOxonian 2nd Claim9 135S20:0551:45
6Pete OliverZero BC96130S22:2059:40
 Nick JamesOxonian 2nd Claim10 105S21:52 
 Russell KingstonOxonian CC8 102S21:3258:15
 Mike LogueZero BC7183S22:58 
 George JacksonOxonian CC5171R24:051:00:06
7Matthew RobsonOxonian CC6264R24:04 
 Ewan MacdonaldOxonian CC6161R23:44 
 Mark JonesOCRC 2nd Claim4 60S20:39 
 Jonathan GarrowOxonian 2nd Claim4156R23:48 
 Rad Hart-GeorgeOxonian 2nd Claim4 54S20:2954:06
 David HollandOxonian 2nd Claim3 43S20:28 
 Toby AdkinsOxonian 2nd Claim3 41S22:10 
 Lee GodberOxonian CC4 33R24:00 
 Dan BlakeZero BC2 27S21:02 
 David ReddyOxonian CC2 23R23:00 
 Oliver AshleyOxonian 2nd Claim2 21S22:47 
 Alex BradleyOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Andrew PollardOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Gareth SimpsonOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Jock McOristOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Joe GraystoneOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Matt AlderZero BC   R  
 Matt RowleyOxonian CC   R  
 Rich HarrisonOCRC 2nd Claim   R  
 Tom YeatmanOxonian CC   R  

Maximum scoring events: 16
Safe for next season: under 23:00
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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