2021: Division 3

1James HuntOxonian CC152259P23:201:02:34
2Jeff KingOxonian CC183188R26:301:13:49
3Steve LeggeOxonian CC143181S25:591:09:50
4Paul ThorntonOxonian CC133178S25:221:12:14
 Ian CartwrightOxonian CC14 174S24:541:07:55
5Ann WarrenOxonian CC82157P23:091:02:09
6Ales KozumplikOxonian CC92149S26:001:07:18
7Peter FoleyOxonian CC82144P24:03 
8Emma McDermottOxonian CC102134S26:041:10:57
 Pete SaundersOxonian CC91131S25:041:06:04
9David GirlingOxonian CC82122R26:46 
10Philip FowlerOxonian CC62115P24:241:07:29
 Dave RickettsMidOxon CRT4171P24:29 
 Oliver ThorntonOxonian CC6 66S25:57 
 Martin ButlerOxonian CC3164S25:00 
 Toby PerryOxonian CC3161S25:17 
 Paul LevertonOxonian CC4 55S25:21 
11Chris GreenOxonian CC 240R  
11Patrick SmithOxonian CC 1040R  
 Claire VallanceMidOxon CRT3 39S24:58 
13Kevin PearceOxonian CC2238S26:16 
 Kristian WilliamsOxonian CC3 37S26:05 
 Ashley TriceOxonian CC3 33S24:39 
 Emma BexsonOxonian 2nd Claim2 26S26:06 
 Annabelle DavisOxonian CC2 25S25:251:08:31
 Geoff BookerOxonian CC 120R  
 Richard AxtellOxonian CC1 5R29:39 
 Andrew BennettFairly United CT   R  
 Anna WoodcockOxonian CC   R  
 Dave BrooksOxonian CC   R  
 Jasper RaistrickOxonian CC   R  
 Kristen LovelockOxonian 2nd Claim   R  
 Matthew ThorntonOxonian CC   R  

Maximum scoring events: 16
Promoted next season: under 24:30 Safe for next season: under 26:30
Season completed - riders with less than 2 marshalling duties are not given a league position.

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