Southmoor 10 on Wednesday 23 June 2021

PosNameClubTimeRBDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Tony Turner [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim20:20  15   
2Alex Donger [history]Oxonian CC20:30  14   
3Graham Winstone [history]Zero BC20:40 13   
4P.Oliver C.Edgington Tandem [history]Zero BC20:46     
5Russell Kingston [history]Oxonian CC21:32 12   
6Malcolm Rose [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim21:49 11   
7Paul Warren [history]Oxonian CC22:02 10   
8Richard Young [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim22:14  9   
9Steve Parfitt [history]Oxonian CC22:22   15  
10Ben Walker [history]Zero BC22:49  14  
11Mike Logue [history]Zero BC22:58 8   
11Neil Johnson [history]Zero BC22:58  13  
13Garry James [history]Day Members23:21      
14Matt Jarvis [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim23:22 RB 15 12  
15James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC23:26   15 
16Jamie Rankin [history]Day Members23:53     
16Mike Lloyd [history]Oxonian CC23:53  11  
18Jon Whitear [history]Oxford City RC24:10  10  
19Philip Fowler [history]Oxonian CC24:24   14 
20Ian Radburn [history]Oxonian CC24:25  9  
21Dave Ricketts [history]MidOxon CRT24:49 RB 14  13 
22Ian Cartwright [history]Oxonian CC24:54   12 
23Ashley Trice [history]Oxonian CC25:15   11 
24Paul Thornton [history]Oxonian CC25:22   10 
25Paul Allday [history]Zero BC25:23  8  
26Ed Hoskin [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim25:44     15
27Phil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC25:46    14
28Emma McDermott [history]Oxonian CC26:04   9 
29Jeff King [history]Oxonian CC26:33   8 
30David Hanson [history]Oxonian CC26:46    13
MSally Thompson [history]Oxonian CC RB 20   20
MSteve Legge [history]Oxonian CC    20 
MKevin Pearce [history]Oxonian CC RB 20  20 

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