Stadhampton 10 on Wednesday 20 April 2016

PosNameClubTimeDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Eamonn Deeley [history]Fairly United CT23:0915   
2Tony Turner [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim23:35    
3Steve Mead [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim23:46    
4Graham Winstone [history]Oxford City RC24:40 14   
5Ewan Macdonald [history]Oxonian CC24:43  15  
6Paul Renshaw [history]Oxonian CC24:5813   
7Paul Warren [history]Oxonian CC25:20  14  
8Matthew Thornton [history]Oxonian CC25:33   15 
9David Reddy [history]Oxonian CC26:15 13  
10Pete Warwick [history]Day Members26:23    
10Kevin Caldicott [history]MidOxon CRT26:23 12  
12Patrick McGuirk [history]Day Members26:40    
13Phil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC26:46  11  
14Paul Thornton [history]Oxonian CC28:02  14 
15Ian Radburn [history]Oxonian CC28:29  13 
16James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC28:42 10  
17David Hanson [history]Oxonian CC29:28  12 
18John Edwards [history]Oxonian CC36:06   15
MGavin Tillson [history]Oxonian CC 20   
MPhilip Fowler [history]Oxonian CC  20  
MGeoff Booker [history]Oxonian CC   20 
MAimee Jones [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim     

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