Southmoor 10 on Sunday 11 July 2021

PosNameClubTimeRBDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Rad Hart-George [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim20:29 15   
2Graham Winstone [history]Zero BC20:57 14   
3Alex Donger [history]Oxonian CC21:09 13   
4Nick James [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim22:00 12   
5Steve Parfitt [history]Oxonian CC22:51  15  
6Paul Renshaw [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim23:54  14  
7Mike Logue [history]Zero BC23:55 11   
8James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC24:09   15 
9Aimee Jones [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim24:12  13  
10Ian Radburn [history]Oxonian CC24:40  12  
11Phil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC25:10    15
12Jeff King [history]Oxonian CC27:07   14 
13Ed Hoskin [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim27:24    14
14David Hanson [history]Oxonian CC27:30    13
15Bernard Calnan [history]Oxonian CC28:36    12
MPaul Warren [history]Oxonian CC  20   
MSally Thompson [history]Oxonian CC RB 20   20
MPatrick Smith [history]Oxonian CC    20 
MMike Lloyd [history]Oxonian CC   20  
MMatthew Robson [history]Oxonian CC  20   
MChris Green [history]Oxonian CC    20 

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