Charlbury Hilly Open 36 on Sunday 10 April 2016

PosNameClubTimeDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Eamonn Deeley [history]Fairly United CT1:34:4215   
2Paul Warren [history]Oxonian CC1:39:29 15  
3Paul Renshaw [history]Oxonian CC1:40:3014   
4Robin Akers [history]Oxonian CC1:42:21  14  
5Gavin Morgan [history]Oxonian CC1:43:26 13  
6Olly Gould [history]Oxonian CC1:48:31 12  
7Phil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC1:56:33 11  
8Geoff Booker [history]Oxonian CC1:59:35   15 
9James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC2:03:32 10  
10Bernard Calnan [history]Oxonian CC2:04:40   15
MPeter Whitfield [history]Oxonian CC    20
MJeff King [history]Oxonian CC   20 

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