Update April 2021

TT Program

The Oxfordshire TT League is well underway with high demand generating the maximum allowable fields within the daylight restrictions, adding fifteen new members to Oxonian CC this last month. A warm welcome to all!

More people taking part in TTs means that we are able to spread the marshalling load across our events, and with continuing Covid rules not allowing the traditional holding up of riders for the start of their ride, means that we are able to reduce your marshalling commitments. So, the need to marshal three events, is now reduced to just two events effective immediately. You can of course marshal more events (as many do) but for the purposes of the TT League you will only accrue points for two.

Club Chair David Hanson was interviewed for an article on the resumption of time-trialling published in Cycling Weekly (8th April). Whilst giving a full account of the TT League organisation and Covid safe operation Vern Pitt the journalist used only a small part of what was discussed. None the less good publicity for Oxonian CC.

Club Runs

These unofficially resumed on Saturday 10th April, with a number of members electing to ride out from Eynsham. The Covid rules allow for groups of up to fifteen to ride together but since only groups of six are allowed to congregate at a coffee stop (and then only outdoors), rides will be split with groups venturing to different coffee venues from Saturday 17th April. Start time is 9.15am from Eynsham Market Square.

Off Road Rides

To introduce a little variety, anyone interested in venturing off-road should express their interest to Steve Legge and depending on demand we can organise this.

Social Events

Clearly 2020 was a write-off as far as any social gatherings were concerned. Continuing uncertainty with Covid makes it difficult to plan ahead for such events, but as a start we are looking to organise a summer Barbecue during July. Details will be announced in due course.

Club Clothing

We are evaluating a potential new more flexible supplier with the objective of reducing our minimum order quantities per item and ultimately the amount of stock we need to carry which ties up a significant account of the club’s cash. Hopefully we will be able to order one-offs where the most expensive items eg TT skinsuits are concerned. Sample jerseys and shorts are expected imminently.

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