Annual Road Race 29th July- Helpers needed!

I propose a meeting to allocate roles for the event to be held next Monday 23rd July at 7.30pm at Starbucks at the Peartree services. I am avoiding Wednesdays and Thursdays so as not to clash with TTs and CX at Dalton Barracks

I am promised 3 motorcycle marshalls from the National Escort Group, and hopefully I will have 12 Accredited Marshalls (so far have seven confirmed) Medical cover is in place.
In addition the course Risk Assessment calls for 10 red flag marshalls and placement of 29 signs. The Oxonian gazebo will be at the finish to provide cover for finish line judges. I am pleased that Richard Quayle of ORRL has offered his services as an experienced finish line judge, but we will need additional “eyes”.

Paul Allday who is rapidly becoming Oxonians’ regular chef will be providing the catering with hot Bacon and Sausage rolls at Little Milton Village Hall HQ for helpers and officials from 7.30am and prior to race start at 9.30am.
At close of entries I have 61. We will allow entry on the day.

Colin Fisher and Ingrid have agreed to cover sign on in the absence of Jeff King who will be on holiday and we have already met to go through the process.
I look forward to your assistance in running what I hope will be a successful event.

David Hanson
07809 575807

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