Eynsham 10 on Wednesday 26 August 2015

PosNameClubTimeDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Mark Jones [history]OCRC 2nd Claim21:42    
2Eamonn Deeley [history]Fairly United CT23:0415   
3Paul Granger [history]Fairly United CT23:1614   
4Dan Blackburn [history]Oxonian CC23:2813   
5Matt Rowley [history]Oxonian CC23:4112   
6Pete Oliver [history]Fairly United CT23:4711   
7Greg Fitzek [history]Oxonian CC24:02 15  
8Mark Osbourne [history]Oxonian CC24:38 14  
9Paul Renshaw [history]Mickey Cranks24:58    
10Graham Winstone [history]Oxford City RC25:0110   
11Olly Gould [history]Oxonian CC25:11  13  
12Tony Turner [history]Day Members25:19    
13Ian Cartwright [history]Oxonian CC25:36  12  
14James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC25:399   
15Kevin Caldicott [history]MidOxon CRT25:44 11  
16Mick Hinze [history]Zappi26:23    
17Chris Green [history]Oxonian CC26:26 10  
18Ian Radburn [history]Oxonian CC27:53  15 
19Phil Strongman [history]Oxonian CC27:56  14 
20Jem Line [history]Oxonian CC28:54 9  
21David Hanson [history]Oxonian CC29:03  13 
22John Jenkins [history]Oxonian CC29:06  12 
23James Fletcher [history]Day Members29:10    
24Ingrid Anson [history]Oxonian CC31:55   15
25John Edwards [history]Oxonian CC34:21    14
26Colin Fisher [history]Oxonian CC38:42   13
MSteve Parfitt [history]Oxonian CC 20   
MAnna Woodcock [history]Oxonian CC   20 
MMalcolm Rose [history]Oxonian CC 20   
MGavin Tillson [history]Oxonian CC 20   
MMartin Prior [history]Oxonian CC 20   
MPaul Warren [history]Oxonian CC 20   

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