Brill Hilly 16 on Wednesday 02 July 2014

PosNameClubTimeDiv 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Mark Cox [history]Fairly United CT43:01 15   
2Malcolm Rose [history]Oxonian CC43:1014   
3Danny Wetherald [history]Zappi44:40    
4Martin Prior [history]Oxonian CC45:29  15  
5Steve Mead [history]Oxonian 2nd Claim45:34     
6Andy Watt [history]MidOxon CRT46:1613   
7Ewan Macdonald [history]Oxonian CC46:28  14  
8Elliot Dason-Barber [history]Oxonian CC46:33  13  
9Dave Ricketts [history]MidOxon CRT47:51  12  
10Paul Warren [history]Oxonian CC48:06 11  
11Ian Cartwright [history]Oxonian CC48:42  10  
12James Hunt [history]Oxonian CC49:08 9  
13A Goodall [history]Day Members49:26    
14Olly Gould [history]Oxonian CC49:46  15 
15Paul Nicholls [history]Oxonian CC50:05  14 
16Paul Allday [history]Oxonian CC51:04 12   
17Lydia Dant [history]Oxonian CC51:08  13 
18Jem Line [history]Oxonian CC51:39   12 
19L Butler [history]Oxonian CC53:19    
20Paul Thornton [history]Oxonian CC53:50  8  
21Bernard Calnan [history]Oxonian CC54:26   11 
22Jeff King [history]Oxonian CC58:29  10 
23Ingrid Anson [history]Oxonian CC1:03:22   15

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