Current Coronavirus advice to stay local

We are positively encouraged to cycle regularly for our wellbeing, while minimizing risk to ourselves and others.  But how should we interpret ‘stay local’?  British Cycling has summarised the Minister’s response to this question thus:

In his response, the Minister for Sport reiterated the importance of exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing, and stressed that riders should remain as local as possible while exercising and use their common sense to determine what is and is not a reasonable distance – reflecting the fact that each individual will have different personal circumstances.

As a result of this, our recommendation is that you should ride from your front door where possible, ride within your ability and ensure that you are self-sufficient. If you do need to travel for exercise, you should do this as close to home as possible. We all have our part to play in reducing the spread of the virus, and by riding responsibly and taking extra precautions (such as avoiding crowded areas) we’ll be helping to keep ourselves and our communities safe.


For more detailed advice from CyclingUK and British Cycling see:

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