Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 11th November 8.00pm

Your club’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 11th November at 8.00pm. As always this is an opportunity for all members to express their views on how the club is run and ask questions of the current committee. It is also your opportunity to nominate members for the committee with their permission of course, and to vote for the election of the new committee.

This will be a different AGM. Due to the well reported Covid-19 restrictions we cannot use the traditional Long Hanborough village hall venue and will be running the meeting via the Zoom video conference application.

The reports from the various officers will be distributed via email prior to the date, so when it comes to approving the reports you will know what you are voting for. You will also receive details on how to join the AGM via Zoom.

In addition to achieving a socially distanced AGM, hopefully members who are reluctant to turn out on a cold misty November evening will join the meeting via Zoom, with the added benefit that you can leave the meeting at any time, and we will achieve a greater representation of members than in recent years.

Christmas Supper 2020

It is with regret that the ever-popular Christmas supper has also fallen victim to the Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty. Originally planned for 9th December, it is now cancelled.

David Hanson


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