Celebrating the cyclocross season

The ‘cross’ season has just ended and Oxonians of all ages have been out there in the mud, winning trophies, and finding their way to the podium too!  Chapeau to all Oxonians who have competed this season.  It’s always difficult to single out any individual for special mention but it’s hard for me not to mention Guy who keeps winning the U10 races; Aimee in the U12s; Alex in the highly competitive Youth category, Sara and Steph in the vet women, Matt in the Seniors, Paul in the vet 40s, and grand vet Geoff.  But there were more who also did their level best this season, and who I haven’t mentioned, but who contributed to making this perhaps the best year for cross since those old days I keep being told about!  But we can say that there has been a revival in the club’s involvement with off road riding and competing – next up, summer MTB!


Developing potential in Oxonian young riders

Young riders have been out in force in cyclocross events this winter; and are now preparing to swap to their MTBs for the summer.  Their skills have developed so fast – great to witness.  So, how about helping to encourage these young enthusiasts further, so that they can have fun and be the best they can be?  We need adult volunteers to help them maintain their love of cycling.  There are several ways in which you could help.  If you think you may be interested please get in touch – these are my contact details.

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