Oxonian CC January News

A Happy New Year to all members, and a reminder that we will be celebrating 2019’s successes at our Annual Trophy Presentation evening at Freeland Village Hall on Saturday 29th February at 7.30pm. Once again Paul Allday will be catering, and there will be a cash bar. Trophy winners so far include Dan Blake, Malcolm Rose, Matt Robson, James Lloyd, Emma McDermott, Steve Legge, Ian Radbourn, Richard Axtell, and Patrick Smith so hope to see you all on the evening. We will be publishing details of how to book shortly.

If you think you are eligible for any of the trophies please get your claims in now to david.hanson@oxoniancc.co.uk. In particular I need submissions for the Sir Walter Gray Cup, Burdenstone Cup, Steve Hawkes Trophy, and all the Cyclo Cross trophies. The qualifying criteria for these are listed in your club handbooks.

If you are a current holder of any trophy please arrange for its return to Steve Legge (steve@onehatdesign.co.uk) as soon as possible so we can arrange engraving for the new recipient.

Finally, to simplify the organisation of the TT program, CX organisation and publicity the committee took the decision in early 2019 to rent a central secure storage unit for all the associated equipment, rather than it being spread across various people’s sheds and garages. Whoever is organising an event has only one place to visit now to collect all the equipment they need.

With increasing restrictions and regulation of our promotions we need to carry more kit and be more professional. This has inevitably increased our costs, and therefore an increase in subscription to £15 per annum for senior members was agreed at last November’s AGM. This is still significantly less than the other local clubs and is our first increase for many years.

Thank you for your continuing support into 2020, and I look forward to see many of you on the 29th February.

DH Chair





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