Setting new standards!

Congratulations to Malcolm Rose for his achievement in breaking the 30mph
barrier in the Sportzmad 25 miles event on the fast South Wales Rhigos course
on 3rd June with a time of 49 minutes and 23 seconds. This is a further club
record to add to Malc’s 10 miles record of 19 minutes and 20seconds. This is
a veteran’s age record for age 45. What chance of a 30mph 50 Malc?
Not to be outdone, Mat Rowley in the Acme Wheelers event on the same
course on 20th May recorded a time of 53 minutes 30seconds to set a new
veteran’s standard record for age 50 with a plus of 14minutes and 32 seconds.
This is in-line with the latest CTT standards.
All we need now is for long distance TT specialist and Best Allrounder Mat
Robson to update the 100 and 12 hour records!

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