Calling all Oxonian TT competitors, BMCC Silverstone 9 up TTT

Time to get a team together for the 9up TTT.
Anyone interested in taking part in this event (in which Oxonians fielded a team in 2018) please express their interest in the first instance to David Hanson Club Chair, who will put the interested parties in touch with each other. From those we will need one person to co-ordinate activities ie pulling the team together, practice/training sessions, and transport arrangements. As per last year if someone can pull a team together the club will subsidise the entry fee.
Event details
Friday 15th June 2018
International Wing – Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit
Full Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit 3.7 miles x 3 laps = 11 miles
The Hand Cycle AUK team will start at 6:45pm, first Bicycle team at approx. 7:00pm (TBC)Presentations & Prizes given on the F1 Winners Podium at approx. 9pm

Access to Silverstone parking, garage areas / sign on from 4.30pm(TBC)… whilst people managed to come through at 4pm for the 2017 event, you may be held outside the circuit if you come earlier than 4:30 pm.
Access to the track for warm up from 6pm
Track cleared for event by 6:40pm
Hand cycling event commences at approximately 6:45pm
Up to 80 Teams dispatched from pit lane from 7pm onwards

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