Sir Walter Gray Cup

This cup was originally presented to the Oxford Wheelers CC in 1908 by Sir Walter Gray (Mayor of Oxford), for competition in a 50 mile road race. In 1927 it was given to the D.V.F.B., and in 1990 transferred to our Club.

The cup is now awarded to the member gaining the highest number of points in five events: one from two in each of three categories: 10 mile TT, 25 mile TT, Hilly TT/Hill Climb; and two from four Cyclocross events.

The committee will nominate events in each category. Points are awarded based on finishing position amongst Oxonian 1st claim riders in the event (20 for first place down to one for 20th place). For cyclocross, riders are first ranked using "position within division" and the points are awarded as for other events. If no rider completes five nominated events, it may be awarded, at the committee's discretion, to the highest placed rider based on four events.

2019 events

Wed 12 June 7:15pm Burford/Lechlade (25) 25
Sun 30 June 8:00am Cumnor 25
Wed 3 July 7:30pm Brill 15
Sun 14 July 8:00am Southmoor 10
Wed 14 August 7:15pm Hardwick 10
Sat 7 September 11:00am Court Hill HC 1
Sun 24 November 9:30am Oxonian CX at Standlake

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