Please volunteer to help with our TT race

Our club Cyclocross race will be held on Sunday 24th November at Standlake, on land adjacent to the Arena.  We have been busy planning the event for some months now, and expect around 400 riders to compete during the course of the day.  We need lots of help to run the event smoothly.  These are the opportunities to help so please let us know what you can contribute:

We will be preparing the course on the weekend of Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November – and we need your help on those days.  Please let us know whether you can spare any time on either of those two days – an hour or two would make a huge difference.

Then on Saturday 23rd November we will be setting out the course with stakes and tape.  We will do this in 3 or 4 small groups and will have marked the course on the previous day.  If you can spare a couple of hours then that would be great.

On race day, Sunday 24th November, we need marshals who could do a half day, and other people too to provide essential help at sign on, course repair after crashes etc.  So any time you might have available let me know so that we can assign you a particular task.  The more people we have available on race day the more we can spread the load.  And you get free refreshment, plus see the action!

Please be in touch with David, or 07712 938307; or any from the Cross Planning group, Patrick Smith, Barry Ward, or Paul Warren.  Thanks, David

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