2018 Trophy Winners and Awards (Update)

A reminder for all Oxonians that we will be celebrating 2018’s achievements and awarding trophies on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at Freeland Village Hall. If you are on the list of winners already decided below, I warmly welcome you to come along to receive your award and be acknowledged by your friends and club mates. Catering will be provided by the excellent Paul Allday, and tickets can be obtained via the following link http://oxonian-annual-dinner-2019.eventbrite.co.uk?s=81484258 at the very modest sum of £15.00 per person.
Oxonian winners are as follows:
Burdenstone Cup: Malcolm Rose
Burnceaster Cup: Malcolm Rose
Falck Shield: Malcolm Rose
Giles Shield: Malcolm Rose
Steve Hawkes Trophy: Malcolm Rose
Broadribb Cup: Matt Rowley
John Bull Trophy: Matt Robson
Falck Cup: M.Robson
Peter Chaundy Memorial Shield: Matt Robson
Saxon Trophy: Matt Robson
Women’s BAR: Emma McDermott
Women’s Evening 10 points: Anna Woodcock
Bayliss Cup: Anna Woodcock
Youth Trophy: Oliver Thornton
Junior BAR: O. Thornton
K.B. May Cup: Matthew Thornton
Bill Morris Memorial: Paul Thornton
Veteran Cyclo-Cross: Paul Warren
Gilbert Fitchett Trophy: Paul Warren
Geoff Walker Trophy: Paul Warren
Rowell Cup Strava Highest Mileage: Paul Warren
Senior Cyclo-Cross Cup: Ewan McDonald
U12 Cyclo-Cross: Jemima Ward
Sir Walter Gray Trophy: Steve Legge
Endurance (Chainring) Trophy: Steve Smith

TT League Winners:
Division 1: Malcolm Rose
Division 2: Ian Radburn
Division 3: Pete Saunders
Division 4: Jeff King
Vet records, standardised
25 Miles:
2018 M. Rose +17.40
30 miles:
2018 M. Rose +18.13
100 miles:
2018 M. Robson +58.40
2018 M. Robson +45.54
Vets Age records not listed here but will be shown in 2019 members handbook.

I look forward to seeing all trophy winners on 2nd March.
DH Chair

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