First Aid for club cyclists

14 of us rolled up for a two hour evening First Aid session at Long Hanborough Recreation Hall, run by Paramedic Steph Foster, on 10thAugust.  Steph is not only an experienced paramedic and trainer, but also a cyclist, so she was the perfect instructor.  She led us through what to do in emergency situations while out riding, in a way that many of us considered so much more useful and memorable than first aid courses that we had attended in the past and which lasted three times longer.  We practiced CPR on manikins, and learned what to do with those defibrillator machines which have sprung up in so many public areas [if you forget just listen to the automatic voice which will lead you through].  Steph is happy to do another session in the autumn for those who couldn’t make this one.  Contact David who is collecting names for the next one.

Also all of us with smart phones should set up emergency medical and contact details which can then be accessed even if the phone is locked and you are unconscious on the road side – hopefully it will never be needed but if it is ………Those without should carry a card with those emergency details.

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