Meeting point for club events

Meet in the lane off the A361 going south from the A40 Burford roundabout towards Lechlade at the Filkins left turn (approx. 2½ miles from Burford).



Grid ref Description Distance
241064Start southbound on the A361, immediately to the south a gravel layby on the east side of the road approximately 855m north of the northern turn for Filkins and 1070m south of the cross roads for Kencott & Hollwell. Start line is level with the first tree on the left after the layby, approximately 5m to the south of the layby0
Go south to turn at Lechlade roundabout and turn
North to Burford A40 roundabout and turn
South to Lechlade and turn
247101North to finish on the left hand bend at the bottom of Signet Hill level with the northern most point of the crash barrier, shortly before a set of steps down to Job’s Lane, and opposite a field entrance with a signed footpath25.0

Please note that this is a club course and has not been officially measured as a 25 mile course. Results are not eligible as PBs for use when entering open events, or for club records.

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