Meeting point for club events

Meet in the lane off the A361 going south from the A40 Burford roundabout towards Lechlade at the Filkins left turn (approx. 2½ miles from Burford).



Grid ref Description Distance
244086START on A361 at the south side of the junction with the minor road to Shilton at the Cotswold WildlifePark crossroads by a hydrant “SV 6-6” under a large Chestnut tree and opposite the Park gate house on the west side of the road.0.000
218009Go south on A361 to the Lechlade roundabout5.255
218009Circle the roundabout and take the third exit to return northwards on A361.5.373
241076Continue northwards to FINISH north of the crossroads to Kencott and Holwell at the fourth of a line of reflector posts, 20 yards before the crossroads sign on the opposite side of the road and 85 yards before the garden gate of a cottage on the west side of the road.10.013
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