Meeting point for club events

Meeting in the car park on the road to East End from Boddington Lane, just north-east of the junction with Boddington Lane.



Grid ref Description Distance
SP400137Start opposite the track to Field Farm in East End Road 0.00
SP399135Proceed south to the T-junction with Boddington lane and turn left (Sign)
SP401134Continue to the junction with A4095 and turn left, taking Great Care of fast traffic from the right. (M1) (Advance warning sign on A4095 to the west of junction)
SP416142Go east into Long Hanborough village and turn left (M2) into the minor road sign-posted towards Coombe1.35
SP418151Follow the main road, keeping right past the former Swan Inn and descend the steep hill towards the narrow bridge over the River Evenlode. (Slow, Extreme Care on approach to bend M3 plus red warning flag). Turn sharp left past the entrance to the saw mill on the left and go under the railway to turn sharp left (Sign) immediately after the railway bridge to go past Coombe Station climb the hill and go around a sharp right-hand bend by the church into Coombe.
SP412162 Go past Coombe School and 2 road junctions on the left and then bear left (Sign) and continue straight on to turn sharp left (Sign) towards Stonesfield3.10
SP396172 Continue past Notoaks Wood and descend the switchback hill and up into Stonesfield. Bear left, (Give Way (Sign and advance warning sign) to traffic from the right4.30
SP390173Bear sharp right (Care) at the next road junction (Sign) and continue on the major road northwards through the village until reaching a triangle where turn left and left again (Signs) to head south-west down the hill out of the village. Bear right at 2 fork junctions with two minor roads on leaving the village (Signs) and take the road towards Fawler.4.65
SP387173 Climb to the top of the hill after Stonesfield and turn left onto the road signposted “North Leigh 3 miles” (Sign)5.13
SP386160Go south down the hill. Take care at the sharp Z-bends where the minor road to Fawler leaves to the right and cross the railway bridge6.06
SP386156Continue down to the River Evenlode and turn sharp left at the cross roads near Ashford Mill Farm immediately after crossing the river bridge to take the road towards East End. (M4. Warning signs on the other two roads)6.333
SP400137 Climb White Hill (1 in 9) (Warning sign at top of hill for oncoming traffic) and go through East End village (Care) to go past the START point to complete the first lap7.910
SP400137 REPEAT the circuit for a second lap15.82
SP400137 REPEAT the circuit for a third lap23.73
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