Meeting point for club events

Meet in the layby at the entrance to Standlake Arena, just north of Standlake on the A415.



Grid ref Description Distance
SP388059START on B4449 132 yards east of the traffic lights at the junction with A415, 3 yards before the road sign “New Traffic Lights Ahead” on the opposite side of the road and just east of the western turning into Hardwick village.0.00
SP411064 Go east on B4449 to the roundabout junction with the minor road to Stanton Harcourt2.342
SP430088 Continue straight over on B4449 through Sutton to the roundabout just west of Eynsham.4.599
SP438090 Take the third exit to bear right on B4449 to the roundabout junction with B4044 near Swinford. TURN around the roundabout and take the fourth exit to retrace westwards on B4449 5.089
SP430088 At the roundabout west of Eynsham bear left to continue on B4449.5.608
SP411064At the Stanton Harcourt roundabout take the second exit to continue south- westwards on B44497.863
SP392059FINISH by the road sign “Hardwick Only” by a double field gate and opposite the centre of the eastern entrance road to Hardwick village on the right, 364 yards east of the Start. 10.000
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