Meeting point for club events

Meet just south of the finish at the junction of the more northerly of the two roads to Wootton and Dry Sandford.



Grid ref Description Distance
START on B4017 adjacent to SP SW44 (Cumnor straight on and Fyfield, Kingston Bagpuize and Faringdon left.)0.000
Proceed north for 112 yards and turn left into the slip road to the A4200.064
Go down the slip road to join the A420 westbound (Care of fast traffic from the right).
Go west on A420 and take the second exit at the A338 roundabout (M) to continue west on A420.2.325
Continue to the large roundabout with the A415 on the Kingston Bagpuize by-pass and circle, taking the 4th exit to return eastwards on A4205.463
Go east past the A338 roundabout, taking the first exit to continue on A4208.625
Continue up Bessels Leigh Hill to a point by GPO pole TP39 between the entrance to the Bessels Leigh Estate and the Land Rover garage, where FINISH.10.00
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