Meeting point for club events

Meet at the small industrial estate directly opposite the entrance to Weston-on-the-Green airfield, by the “Antiques and Interiors” building.



Grid ref Description Distance
Start at the A4095 going west 110 yards before the centre of the entrance to Simms Farm and 81 yards east and beyond a small grey traffic box on the north side of the road.
Go west for 570 yards to the junction with B430 and turn left down the short slip road to join it. Give way to fast traffic from the left.
Continue south on B430 until the next cross roads. Turn sharp left to go east down the minor road along the side of the airfield, towards Chesterton
Go over the M40 bridge and past the golf club to the minor road alongside the golf course to the crossroads where turn sharp left (Care, narrow road).
Continue for about 1/2 mile to the junction with the A4095 at Chesterton and turn sharp left. (Take great care of traffic on A4095 coming from ahead and rounding the sharp right-hand turn)
Continue west along A4095 over the M40 bridge and past the start4.1 miles
Turn left to go south along the B430, giving way to fast traffic from the right
Continue South through Weston- on-the Green to the mini-roundabout just before the junction with the A34 Circle the roundabout
Retrace back North along the B430, through Weston-on- the Green past the airfield and the A4095 junction (With priority but Care of traffic crossing)
finish on the B430 at the inner edge of the concrete on the island at the entrance to the lay-by about 1/2 mile before the traffic lights at Middleton Stoney.10 miles
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