Oxonian CC, 10-mile time trial, Burford/Lechlade, 17th April

In another cold but sunny TT. With the wind blow on the way back from Lechlade, we had a good turn out that saw Matt Alder (Zero Bikes) and David Holland set highly respectable sub 22-minute times on the Burford to Lechlade 10-mile course on Wednesday evening. Oxonian riders James Lloyd, Matt Robson and Paul Warren were the next fastest finishers, all going under 24 minutes. Tracey Mackin was the fastest woman with atime of just over 28 minutes.
Next on the calendar is Wednesday 17th 6.45pm Start Eynsham CC140.

Matt Alder Fairly United CT 21:23
David Holland Oxonian 2nd Claim 21:59
James Lloyd Oxonian CC 22:44
Matthew Robson Oxonian CC 23:04
Pete Oliver Fairly United CT 23:11
Paul Warren Oxonian CC 23:12
David Reddy Oxonian CC 24:01
Steve Parfitt Oxonian CC 24:33
Joe Graystone Oxonian 2nd Claim 24:52
Harry Cook Mickey Cranks 25:03
Philip Fowler Oxonian CC 25:20
Kristen Lovelock Oxonian 2nd Claim 25:20
Mike Lloyd Oxonian CC 25:33
Matthew Thornton Oxonian CC 26:08
Steve Legge Oxonian CC 26:35
Paul Thornton Oxonian CC 27:13
Ian Radburn Oxonian CC 27:53
Tracy Makin Oxonian CC 28:01
Richard Axtell Oxonian CC 28:42
Jeff King Oxonian CC 28:55
Vere Oldridge Fairly United CT 29:10
Ingrid Anson Oxonian CC 31:26
Jo Duckles Oxonian CC 37:21

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