The Oxfordshire Time Trial League is an interclub league of cycling Time Trials held under CTT rules.

Clubs taking part in the leagues are:

The league is made up of four divisions. Riders remain in their divisions all season and their best performance in a league 10 mile time trial determines their division for the following season. New members and riders who have not posted a 10 time will be assigned to a division after their first few rides.

Riders are allocated to one of the 2020 divisions according to their best 10 mile performance in a 2019 league event:

  • Division 1: Less than 23:00
  • Division 2: Less than 24:30
  • Division 3: Less than 26:30
  • Division 4: 26:30 or more

In each event points are awarded on the basis of 15 for 1st in each division, down to 2 points for 14th and then 1 point to all other finishers. Only the 16 best scores are counted towards a league position.

In order to qualify for a league position riders are required to help by marshalling, time-keeping or otherwise assisting the event organizer at 3 events. These duties to be arranged in advance. An additional 20 points are awarded for each duty (maximum 60 points). If an event has to be cancelled riders allocated duties for that event receive no points, although it will count towards the three that are required for a league position. If an event does not have enough helpers any rider who has not arranged 3 duties may be refused entry and instructed to marshal instead.

Junior riders are not required to marshal, but will be awarded 20 marshalling points, after completing their 2nd, 4th and 6th event.

Changes for 2017: All riders are required to help by marshalling, or otherwise helping on THREE events, at least ONE of which must be on a fast course (Witney or Southmoor)

Changes for 2018: Riders who are 2nd claim members of a league club, will be given league points and a league position, although they will not qualify for league club trophys or awards.

These pages contain provisional results only and should not be relied upon. Official results and league placings are determined by the organizing clubs and the League's officials. For any enquiries or issues with these pages please email

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